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Quotes As owner of the Happy Hippo Education Centre I would like to say that we have been absolutely thrilled with the services offered by the Police Department. After several bad incidents the school moved to another location and at that time sought help from the Department's patrol officers. We have had no incidents since. The safety and security of the school overall has been enhanced and we are very grateful for the services offered. Victoria Paule owner Happy Hippo Education Centre Quotes
Victoria Paule
Griefings at our school

Quotes The Police Department has assisted me (and many friends I forwarded to them) with a huge variety of issues in SL and did so in a very respectable manner. Therefore I am very happy to be able to write this testimonial and give back to the Police Department in this modest fashion. I first got to know the Police Department when our sim "The Avedon Resort (Plissco)" was being griefed with several objects (we were bombarded with Hitler images, huge spheres and possibly objects that caused lag). After we got the PD in and -because of the AR's they filed- Linden avatars came on scene: our sim never had any problems like that anymore. Also from that point on the Police Department installed 911 buttons on the sim, so if new residents, our guests or tenants are being griefed or are in need of assistance, they can click the button and an officer of the PD will come to assist them. Personally i find this gridwide 911 network a SPLENDID concept and also it is very much appreciated. Quotes
Roto Diesel
Police Department Assistance

Quotes I run a group and a safe haven for those with DID. A real life condition cause from serve childhood abuse. On our first anniversary we planned a group event. The group members are so vulnerable, so I decided to trust the security of the group and members into capable hands. That's when a friend told me about PD. At first I was hesitant, I, like the members of the DID group have trust issues, could I really hand the security of the group over to strangers? The moment I walked into the police department HQ, I was greeted, welcomed warmly. They done a marvelous job, and there was more than one officer at the event the whole time. It amazed me the confidence the group members, especially the kids had, even around the police officers, I watched the officers, get down to the kids levels as they talked to them and interacted with them. The PD made our event safe, and enabled us all to relax and enjoy it. thanks to the police department and the amazing job and police officers they have! Quotes
TheFairy Short
Security for DID

Quotes Cdurd770 Halfpint provide outstanding security for my Birthing Center. HE is always professional and corteous to my clients and very fair minded. He maintain's a calm like manner with respect in his interpersonal skills. I am very impressed by his skills and ability. I highly reccomend him and I feel he would be an asset to any company that employs him. Best Regards, Robinnurse Rowlands Quotes
Robinnurse Rowlands
Rock a Bye Birthing Center

Quotes We had a very bad griefer on the sim that had launched 2 particle emitting prims. We couldn't return or delete the objects. We asked the Police Department to help us with this. Two of there officers came right away to help us. And they were very kind and re-assuring. They couldn't remove the object there selves, but contacted a linden and the problem was solved within 5 minutes. After the objects were removed the officers helped us with filing abuse reports on the griefer. Another time there was a suspicious figure on the sim, witch we thought was a bot. The Police Department came to investigate. They found out it indeed was a bot and gave us a device to ban bots, so the problem was solved. Again they helped us with filing abuse reports. When i wanted to get age verified i asked a officer how i should do that and she showed me the device they have on there sim to get age verified and explained me very clearly how to use it. That was very helpfull and worked great. Quotes
Mariella Deezul
when our sim was griefed

Quotes I am speaking on behalf of the CC&H group and from my personal experience with the Police Department 911 group. We have rental sims owned by DakotaDarling Darwin and a while ago we were hit bad by griefers for quite some time. One of our members is an officer of this group and brought us into contact with Chief of Police Cdurd770 Halfpint. He and his team have been very helpful in solving this problem by placing devices for instant help and banning if need be, sending people over when the griefing was going on and patrolled our sims constantly. In the end they caught a guy, who had numerous alts, and they also took care of another 'team' of griefers that were operating at about the same time. The police force also offer, amongst other services, information on how to take on a griefing situation. Especially Chief Cdurd has a talent for taking on and communicating with these people, he knows how to handle them person to person. That is how our griefer problems got sorted. They do it Quotes
Morgaine Cioc
Griefings on our sim

Quotes i would like to take this opportunity to inform you of all the wonderful work that the Police Department performs each and every day for a considerable amount of people in Second Life. They are always more than willing to lend a helping hand whenever they are called upon. They never refuse a request, and always stick it out until the problem is solved, or the question is answered.And all this out of the goodness of their hearts, and a willingness to help the other guy out. On more than one occasion i requested the help from Lt Terry Artful, and he spent over an hour until the issue was resolved,all the while maintaining a pleasant ,patient, demeanor. They never request any compensation at all, and if pressed, they suggest that a small donation be made to the sim. And when you do contribute, you are rewarded with a present! And i haven't even mentioned their fine police work. They maintain an amber Quotes
Mikey Ferengeto
From Mikey

Quotes When I was much newer to sl...as a renter in Roseheart Rental community...you may laugh at me...but i actually felt terrified the day the Mario Griefer came...I heard the music from the Mario brothrs video game...and kept seeing massive amounts of Mario brothers flying all over Our sim....Also...huge boxes covered our whole sim...I took pictures....it gave me the most awful feeling...and My Landlady was not online....I had noone to turn to but the PD...they came immdeately...saw what was happening...interviewed me...the located the origin of the Mario Poofers and the boxes....and had a linden representative come to see what happened....i know this is a virtual game...but I immediately felt safer...it was good to know that the PD also had a system of reporting this to their chief...and record would be kept of the griefer incident. I keep the PD department as one of my groups. Quotes
Rhianna Luik
Happy Resident

Quotes I'm a model at the Cartoon Kids sim and it is often a target for many griefers. We have a 911 button here on the sim and we can simply click it for their help! Today we had a griefer on the sim and they responded so quickly! I was so relieved that the disgusting picture particles all over the sim was gone! They're very friendly and I feel very safe with them being our security. :) Quotes
Ciel Ninetails
Great service and help!