Police Department

Police Department Second Life


Q. What is Police Department?

A. Police Department is a public service organization who is dedicated to both the safety and security of residents, as well as the education of new and seasoned residents alike. We believe knowledge is the key!

Q. What rights do you have?

A. In all honesty, we have the exact same rights as you do. What separates us is our actions and our beliefs. However, all sims we are present in do grant us ban and eject rights, that still does not grant us any more privileges or special authority that the next person. Again, it's our actions and our beliefs that sets us apart.

Q. Do you work for or with Linden Labs?

A. Absolutely not. No police group does, or will. We are completely and 100% an individual entity who has a noble and honorable goal...to educate and provide assistance where needed.

Q. How can I become a PD Officer?

A. We are always accepting new Cadets. You'll need to be 180 days old, age verified, and provide 2 letters of reference from residents older than one year. We set these guidelines to make our training easier, weed out people who are not truly interested in what we do, and ensure only adults over the age of 18 are employed, as it's a TOS violation to be under 18 and in adult SL.

Q. How can I get set up with your services?

A. Very simple, visit us in world, contact Chief Cdurd770 Halfpint or Deputy Chief Star Vanalten. Or visit the Request services tab to the left, provide us with your Avatar Name and in the body please tell us what kind of services you need.

Q. What makes you any different from the other Police groups in Second Life?

A. We pride ourselves on our training, behaviors, and service orientation. We do not have the belief that we are in any way better or more privileged than the next resident. You'll find our entire staff dedicated to helping you in any way possible, friendly, and not the storm trooper type group that you see in so many places.

Q. Aren't you just another Vigilante, role playing, or military group?

A. No, we are far from it. We operate as a real group. We offer help, assistance and education where ever and when ever needed. Our staff does not carry weapons, nor do we monitor help/welcome areas or sandboxes for griefing/abuse. We strictly operate in a growing list of sims that have asked for our presence. At last count the number of sims actively patrolled by PD is 51, total sims with 911 call boxes or our Network Land orb are 1200. So, there are quite a few sims you may see us in.  


Q. All police groups are griefers, why should we trust you?

A. First off that is classifying everyone into one group based on actions of a few. We agree, there are a lot of nasty groups out there, but we aren't one of them. Again, our actions, beliefs, and core values make us who we are.