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Here are a few links to groups we've either worked with or had conferences with for various reasons.

We always welcome requests for lectures, speeches, and public presentations, as well as large event security.


*Security For Virtual Helping Hands on Hellen Keller Day 2009

We were allowed the extreme honor of assisting with security needs at this major function last year. 


*William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA 

Police Department Hosts William and Mary once a year for a wonderful lecture on Virtual Crime and Law. We usually have 30-40 RL Law Students attending these functions.

* ILEA (Institute for Law Enforcement Administration)

We had the privilege of participating in a conference with about 100 RL Police Leaders to discuss the potential benefits of training and development here in world.  



Recently we we're honored by be allowed to speak to a RL group of IP (Intellectual Property) lawyers about issues plaguing second life and how we deal with it here.



Once again, we were allowed the honor of participating in helen Keller day 2010!! Big thanks to the team.


Police Department has the pleasure of providing patrols to more than 50 sims, as well as our networked land orbs spanning over 1200 locations!