Police Department

Police Department Second Life

What services do we offer?

Police Department has many amazing services to offer you. 

*Free routine patrolling of your sim or business.

Sim Patrolling

Do you ever wonder what goes on while you're offline, or worry about your sim, residents, shop renters?
Of course, we all do!

Police Department has the solution to your problem!

Our sim patrolling consists of the following procedures:
Officers are randomly teleported into their assigned patrol zones. Upon their arrival they quietly, and in a very non intrusive manner, walk the sim, check for abuse, radio in their status and teleport out. Generally they spend 10 minutes or so on each sim. Again, to cover once more, this is not an intrusive service. We are not a group who will run in, guns blazing, and chase around your guests, in fact, you'll find us to be missing a major uniform piece...gun belts. We are a friendly, professional, and well organized group who is held 150% accountable for their actions. Every staff member has been through a very careful selection process as well as more than 17 hours of training, along with constant on going coaching and development. You can rest assured that a professional group will have a presence that will make you proud.

*911 call boxes

Yet another free and fantastic service offered by PD is our 911 kiosks.

These are a direct link to our Officers. Placing this device will give you the peace of mind that help is only a button push away!

This device has been a proven deterrent on sims! Allowing you to focus more on your business and activities, rather than dealing with issues constantly. Our staff is highly trained in dispute resolution, as well as anti griefing and dealing with irate individuals.

Our 911 boxes provide a few functions for you and our officers.
1. A direct link to our staff via radio.
2. Allows our staff to respond in seconds to an issue.
3. Links to a database of more than 4,500 names of griefers, copy bots, and known trouble makers. When someone on that list enters your sim, we get a silent alert allowing us to check that name, and if need be we can teleport over, monitor for abuse before it happens and truly have a pro active stance on policing.
4. This kiosk will also grant our Officers the ability to issue a ban command should the need arise. You as an owner can't always be online, neither can your staff. Again, this is peace of mind. We are not ban happy, nor will we ever ban anyone for no reason. All bans are tracked, and info is available to you, the sim owner, should it be requested.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our information today. Should you choose to use our services, all you need to do is contact Chief Cdurd770 Halfpint or Deputy Chief Star Vanalten

*Networked security orb

One of our most popular and fastest growing services is the Networked Security orb. We've developed, tested, and tested again to be sure we've perfected this system.

Let's take a minute to cover the features and purpose of this free system.

As a business owner, content creator, or venue owner, you constantly have to worry about people stealing your hard work with a copy bot, harassing/griefing your customers, or interrupting your events at your venue. How do you take a pro active approach to combating this without just banning and ejecting these people as you see them committing the offense, or after the abuse is completed? The answer is yes! For several years Police Department has been growing and developing a database, which is stored OUTSIDE of SL on a hidden server. This database is full of more than 8,500 names of griefers, copybots, and out right nasty people who harass and attempt to really kill our enjoyment of SL. All names here were witnessed by our staff, be it through patrol or through a call to come into us via our more than 800 member 911 group. This number of names of course grows daily. By the time you read this we could have some 10500 names there.

What does this mean for me? What does this orb do?

This orb sits un noticed by all visitors to your sim! It will read nearby avatars and report via radio to our staff should anyone on that list enter your sim. This would allow an online Officer to teleport over quickly, watch for abuse, check the name against the database, and if they commit abuse, or are a certain rank of problem causer, we'll ban them immediately. That is how you take a pro active approach to dealing with trouble makers. All bans are tracked in our system and any info about a banned name is available to the sim owner via RL email upon your request. No data regarding the activities of avatars can or will be transmitted in world to be in accordance with the Terms of Service. This device is deeded to your land group and will allow our officers the ability to issue a ban command should the need arise.

To get set up with any services please contact Chief Cdurd770 Halfpint or Deputy Chief Star Vanalten in world. You may also opt to click the Request Services tab to the left of your screen.